At Air Engineering Controls, we understand that each and every customer has a unique set of requirements so we offer a wide range of products.


Air compressors are used in various industrial applications such as factory production lines and medical engineering, where ever there is a need for a continuous supply of compressed air.
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Vacuum Systems

This diverse range of high performance vacuum generators and material transfer units has been designed to cope with a multitude of applications. The range is complemented by a comprehensive series of suction cups and accessories.
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Air Treatment

The preparation and treatment of your compressed air is a critical aspect to the design of any system. Our range of dryers, filtration, condensate separators and airline accessories provide all that you need to guarantee clean and dry compressed air, providing increased efficiency and lower costs.
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Air Recievers

The compressed air receiver is a vital part of every compressed air station. Not only is it a storage facility which can provide capacity during periods of peak demand, the receiver is also used to separate condensate from the compressed air.
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A diverse range of quality assured, inspected and ready-to-use preowned or reconditioned equipment is available from Air Engineering Systems – please see our current stock list below.
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Pipe Work

We offer a fast and secure way of connecting pipes that provide considerable advantages over conventional galvanised pipe and fittings. Complex pipework systems can be assembled more rapidly than with traditional methods.
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Custom Build

At Air Engineering Systems we understand that each and every customer has a unique set of requirements. We offer outsourced design and development services whether you are looking for a custom component or complete design and development of a complex fluid control system.
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