This diverse range of high performance vacuum generators and material transfer units has been designed to cope with a multitude of applications. The range is complemented by a comprehensive series of suction cups and accessories.

Side channel

Side-channel vacuum pumps can be employed for a lesser vacuum. Using ‘multi-stage’ compression, side channel vacuum pumps generate low-pulsation suction air, using perfected impeller design with curved blades to guarantee optimum efficiency.
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Liquid Ring

Liquid ring pumps and compressors utilize rotating positive displacement technology and are typically used in liquid ring vacuum pump applications.
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Rotary vane

Rotary vane vacuum pumps create regions of low pressure by moving fluid, using a rotating vane assembly in the pumping chamber. Typically there are two or more rotating vanes that move the gas or fluid from inlet to outlet. Rotary vane pumps can be employed universally throughout the entire low and medium vacuum ranges.
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Screw pumps are primarily used in applications across many different industries where clean, oil free vacuum is needed. The dry and contact free operation requires no lubrication in the pumping chamber leading to no process contamination and no pollution caused by the pump operation.
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